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We are one of the leading manufacturers of diversified range of chains: SPOROCKET PRODUCTS

Ever since our foundation, we have been providing quality products. Leading edge products and world-class manufacturing are supported by the resources and experience necessary to deliver on the promise of tomorrow's technology.

Rolcon believe its customer's constant achievement depends on the development of ever more primitive technologies to produce, manage, and deliver performance. Rolcon believe that the preeminent way to achieve that mission is to keep the entire process from fundamental research to concluding production under our direct control through complete vertical integration.

Rolcon's strong network of distributors as well as sales outlets throughout India helps its esteemed customers for better communications, quick deliveries, and prompts after sales services.

Backed by 34 years of experience in its field Rolcon has also gained lots of practical experience from its customers who are using Rolcon chain and sprockets. This experience is continuously fed back to Rolcon's production department, which accounts for the high quality standard for its products. A team of engineers and technical experts are continuously doing R&D and incorporating latest technical advances to improve the quality of chain and sprockets.



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