Chemical / Fertilizer

Chemical / Fertilizer

Rolcon’s Chemical/Fertilizer chains and sprockets have garnered a reputation as most durable long lasting products available in the market.

Our chains are most efficient and reliable to elevate all types of material including fertilizer & chemical.

Our fertilizer/chemical chains are guaranteed to the highest level of heat-treatment and manufacturing.

Drag Conveyors have one or more endless strands of heavy duty chain, that drives bulk material. Drag conveyors are designed to withstand extreme high temperature and highly abrasive applications. These chains are specifically designed to move large mass of materials in any direction. The chain moves the material due to high internal friction of the material such as chemical/fertilizer products. These chains are most widely used for moving the material.

Drop forged chains are used in Chemical/Fertilizer sector, which we are manufacturing to the highest precision.


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