Originally applied to the projection from the wheel that caught on the chain and providing the drive to it.

At Rolcon, we are taking immense pride in our production and manufacturing process of sprockets. Our specialized range of sprockets, varies from 43 mm to 6000 mm (6 metres) in diameter. from single strand to multi-strands upto 10 strands. Our design range also includes Plate type, welded fabricated hub type, segmental sprocket rim, shear pin design, traction wheel with solid hub body/split hub body and inter-changeable tooth design are manufactured as per customer requirement.

Our comprehensive sprocket range also includes sprocket with finished bore, keyway, tapped hole, drill hole and above all, teeth duly induction/flame-hardened upto 57 RC with depth of maximum 5 mm depending on the tooth profile. Above all, we are manufacturing Sprockets conforming to IS/DIN/ISO/ANSI/JIS/BS standards.


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